CRESCENDO JAZZ is an interdenominational, international Christian fellowship of jazz musicians – exchanging issues of life and music and growing together in faith, rooted in local communities and churches – in close connection to professional musicians of other genres.


Who we are and what we do

Crescendo JAZZ is a initiative of Crescendo International, a non-denominational Christian organization serving within the world of professional music and the arts.

Established in 1985, Crescendo is a diverse network of thousands of professional musicians and artists sharing commonality in faith and art.

We work as a international Crescendo JAZZ core team from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France and the US. 

Our dream is to network, encourage and serve jazz musicians all over the world. You may find more information about our network and our worldwide projects here.

What drives us

Past and present Projects

Providing Jazz Arrangements of Hymns for services and concerts with the REAL FAITHBOOK OF GREAT HYMNS.

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Tune INs are bi-weekly spiritual reflections for artists created by theologians and artists themselves.
Tune INs are meant to help us to focus our minds and hearts on spiritual matters.

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Meeting and input platform for Jazz musicians to get inspired and connect. These are regular meetings with compelling topics and guest speakers.

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Our Crescendo JAZZ Online Community. We meet, discuss and explore hallmarks in jazz such as: improvisation, syncopation; and jazz freedom related to our Christian journey. This new series of meetings starts in 2024 as a new community within Crescendo’s network. Welcome!

Upcoming events

August 2024
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Get connected

We would love to hear more from you. Let’s stay in contact! We are constantly working on building a jazz community around the globe. Stay tuned about the future development of this movement.

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Mit Klängen beten, indem wir zusammen auf unseren Instrumenten, mit der Stimme und Body Percussion improvisieren. - mit Pauliina
Meditatives Singen
Angelehnt an gregorianischen Gesang gemeinsam ein Bibelwort singend meditieren. - mit Florian
Jazz in Kirche?! Neue Formen für Kreativität, Spontanität und Improvisation im Lobpreis.- mit Richard, Ali, Will und Greg
FUND.STÜCK - WERTvoll im Auge des Betrachters
Verborgenen Schätzen der eigenen Seele auf die Spur kommen. Mit dem Künstler Thomas Sitte gemeinsam seine Werke betrachten. - mit Thomas
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